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Finish Glow Purple is a shine spray that was developed with the aim of protecting the hair fibre and giving the hair an appearance of being treated and looking healthy and shiny hair. Enriched with Multifunctional Silicones and Silver Mica microparticles that adhere to the hair providing radiant and illuminated hair.

Finishing treatments, dull and matte hair or to eliminate odours caused by smoke, cigarettes, pollution, etc.

  • Protection of the hair fibre
  • Instant hydration
  • Prevents fibre dehydration
  • Prevents split ends
  • Facilitates dry detangling
  • High-impact shine

Multifunctional Silicones
Set of Silicones that adhere to the hairs forming a protective film over the cuticles and giving a soft touch to the hair providing an intense shine.

Silver Micro Pigments
They adhere to the hairs, increasing the reflection of light, providing hair with much more luminosity and shininess.

With dry hair, spray at a distance of approximately 30 cm through the entire length of the hair and distribute with your hands.

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